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      2. Zhejiang Lishui Xinyi Starter Driver Co.,Ltd English | 簡體中文

        1980 Starter drive started production 

        1985 Set up Lishui Xinyi imported auto parts plant 

        1993 Plant expansion to double output 

        1996 Establishment of Lishui City Xinyi starter drive co., Ltd. 

        1998 Passed the ISO9001 quality system 

        2000 Awarded the title of Best Supplier 

        2001 Moved to the new site: Industrial Zone, Lishui City of Zhejiang Province

        2002 Access to ISO9001 / TS16949 quality management system certificate

        2003 Expanded the entire production line 

        2005 Invested 10 million of new equipment 

        2009 Annual output of 10 million sets of starter drives